Members of the South Savo food cluster

The South Savo food cluster consists of food businesses and communities. It is built naturally on the basis of the activities of South Savo food economics development association Ekoneum ry, which has been operating since 2000. Members of the association South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences — Xamk, the University of Helsinki’s Ruralia Institute, the Natural Resources Institute (Luke), South Savo Vocational College Esedu and ProAgria South Savo form the base of the cluster’s membership, representing research, development and training organisations. In addition to them, a large number of other members have been gathered in the South Savo Food Cluster, the most important of which are South Savo companies.

The South Savo Food Cluster has been built with the project called “Klusterilla Elinvoimaa Etelä-Savon ruoka-alalle”. It is funded by the South Savo Regional Council from the appropriation for self-development of the province and the municipalities of the Mikkeli region. All South Savo food operators and companies are welcome to join us in the cluster.